How Might It Feel to Be Seen by Another’s Gesture?


She had a choice to hand over money or buy lunch; who has been unexpectedly kind to you?


A year ago I was sitting in traffic at a stop light in Oak Harbor. I remember that on the sidewalk to my right was a man, homeless by appearance, standing in the rain with his shopping cart of belongings. He held a cardboard sign: Please buy me lunch

I rolled down my window to hand him a few bills when I saw a woman get out of her car and walk toward him with a bag of food and beverage cup from the local takeout. As she approached him she smiled and asked: What is your name? She handed him the food and drink and then reached up to hug him. 

Two things: Anyone can give money; but when she asked him, What is your name? she recognized his humanity. When she reached up to hug him the word that came to mind was .... divine. As in Divinely ordained. 

Story Prompt

When has someone’s gesture enabled you to be seen? How did it feel? What happened next? Write that story! 

Practical Tip 

The magic of stories is also in the sharing. If you wish share your story with someone or something.   All that matters is you have a story. 

Where Might These Prompts Take Your Story? written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: Michael Fenton   on Unsplash.  

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