Thoughts on Thursday: What’s the Key to Releasing Restlessness?


Give your body some oxygen and dispel your anxiety. Guaranteed! 


Let’s call it like it is: We are living in decidedly difficult times. As a result we might feel restless, anxious, irritable, impatient or just plain cranky. That negative tension fills our body affecting us from head to toe so we have difficulty managing even simple everyday situations. 

In my experience breathing exercises hold the key to relief.  

Practical Tip 

Try this: sit quietly and begin to breathe slowly in and out. With each breath calm your mind by releasing troubling thoughts. Focus on the ways in which your body begins to relax. Encourage your body to reach deeper states of calm by breathing more slowly, more deeply. You might repeat to yourself: "Breathing in, I know I am alive; breathing out, I smile to life in me and around me." With this simple technique you are decreasing stress, anxiety, and fear. 


How does this work?  


Breathing deeply floods your system with oxygen and calms you. By mindfully slowing your breath, you send a signal to your body that all is well, peace is within you. As soon as you become aware of tension rising in you begin slowly and deeply breathing to dispel the anxiety you feel. It works. Guaranteed.  

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