Story Prompt Friday: How Might Vulnerability and Openness Benefit Leadership?


When has a leader’s honest open vulnerability encouraged your own? 


We’ve seen the movies, we’ve read the books and maybe like me you wonder: what is it about the very best of them that draws us in? I have an answer: the more vulnerable and open the character, the more relatable the character is to us. It takes such courage to be vulnerable and open that we can’t help but draw closer to the heat of the human flame, curious about its nature.      

Ironic, isn’t it? Decades of training as cold, aloof, unapproachable leaders has rebounded such that leaders are now questing for like-minded souls who see the merit of vulnerability and openness in leadership. “What? You, too? I thought I was the only one.” [C.S. Lewis]   

Leaders might take a page from C.S. Lewis: “Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, "What? You too? I thought I was the only one." ... It is when two such persons discover one another, when, whether with immense difficulties and semi-articulate fumblings or with what would seem to us amazing and elliptical speed, they share their vision - it is then that Friendship is born. And instantly they stand together in an immense solitude.” [C.S. Lewis]

Story Prompt 

When has a leader’s honest vulnerability encouraged your own? What happened next? Write that story! 

Practical Tip 

The magic of stories is also in the sharing. If you wish share your story with someone or something.   All that matters is you have a story.  

Story Prompt Friday: How Might Vulnerability and Openness Benefit Leadership? written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: Diane F. Wyzga.      

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