Thoughts on Thursday: How Do I Stay With My Spiritual Grounded Centre Practice?


Are you ready to be done with hard times messing with your mind?


Maybe like me you’re curious about how to stick with the practice of letting go of your unhelpful reactive habits to arrive at your spiritual grounded centre. I can tell you this about that. The more progress you make the more difficult it might feel. Don’t worry about that. As you make progress toward your grounded centre, be aware of letting go and focus on becoming more conscious, more grounded.

Practical Tip 

As an example that might be of use I can tell you I was dreading going home for another ritualized, duty-bound family Christmas holiday with all the drama and upset that these gatherings can bring up. The advice I was given was to simply be there, observe, experience the experience of observing while being in the present moment. Do your best to quiet the chattering Monkey Mind with its unrelenting 24/7 static. Let go of reacting. Let go of discomfort. Let go of fear. Let go of righteous, opinionated, judgmental habits. Come back to your breath, sit with compassion, forgiveness and peace of mind for yourself. Even if you can manage this for only a few minutes at a time those minutes will grow as you do! Guaranteed! Because we’ve decided we’re done with hard times messing with our mind.

With appreciation ~ Diane

Thoughts on Thursday: How Do I Stay With My Spiritual Grounded Centre Practice? written by Diane F. Wyzga in collaboration with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Image: Keegan Houser on Unsplash 


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