Motivate Your Monday: CELEBRATING Launch of Quarter Moon Story Arts NewsAudioLetter


I've launched my Quarter Moon Story Arts NewsAudioLetter; you can listen right here, right now!  


So often we are told to be quiet and hide our light of achievement under a bushel basket which, frankly, is really dumb advice. I suggest that starting now we practice Celebrating Everything! Let’s recognize the full scope of our achievements, abundance, resources, assets, talents, network of support, faith, family, friends, listeners like you and more! 

Today, give me 8 minutes and I’ll give you the “sorcery of stories” as you listen to the inaugural issue of my NewsAudioLetter. Click this LINK to learn more about the power of imagination and how stories enliven and empower listeners. I trust this meets a world-wide need: hope and delight no matter where your feet touch the ground!   

Of course, please go ahead and spread my NewsAudioLetter all around like grape jelly on a toddler. 

And, if you've not yet subscribed, feel welcome to Opt In, get a quality bonus gift, stay in touch. I plan to issue short, value-packed monthly editions with tips, ideas, and techniques for story-ing. The Opt In link can be found under the black band at the bottom of the NewsAudioLetter.Come for the stories - stay for the magic!” 

Til next our episode, what’s your project? How can I help? 

Motivate Your Monday: CELEBRATING Launch of Quarter Moon Story Arts NewsAudioLetter written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: Austin Schmid on Unsplash

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