Who Here Would Like Feeling Less Agitation and More Solid?


Here's a tip for you to practice becoming like a deeply rooted tree so you can ground yourself no matter how fiercely the winds buffet you. 


Maybe like me this time of year catches you unawares. How did it get here so soon? So much to do and so little time left! How will I ever wrap up the year? 

My teacher Thich Nhat Hanh would point to the trees and say, “When you look at the tree during the storm you can see that the top of the tree is not solid. You can only see the tiny branches and a number of leaves on the top of the tree swaying back and forth under the effect of the wind. You have the impression that the tree is very vulnerable but if you look down to see the big branches and the trunk of the tree you see that the tree is strongly rooted in the ground. The impression that the tree is vulnerable will vanish. You see that the tree is much more solid than it looks at the top. We are like that too.” 

Practical Tip 

When you feel agitated, vulnerable you can practice to get solid again. The stability of your body will help stabilize your mind. Sit quietly and say to yourself: Breathing in I see myself grounded; breathing out I feel solid. Keep repeating until you feel solid, grounded. Because you will. Guaranteed!  

Where Might These Prompts Take Your Story? written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: Charlotte on Unsplash.      

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