Motivate Your Monday: What Happened When I Stepped Off the LinkedIn Platform?


Whatever it is you are contemplating step out, step off, step to it - now!


On Monday the 18th of September I stepped off the LinkedIn platform. Why? Each year at this time I revisit my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. 5 weeks. 500 miles. Across Spain. This year I want to truly honor my pilgrimage by taking a break from devices and platforms as much as I can, including LinkedIn.  

I plan to use my time for 5 R’s: Reconsider, Reconfigure, Restore, Refresh, Renew and walking a great deal. While it’s unlikely I’ll match my Camino mileage I’d like to log 50 miles a week between now and November 1st. 


What will happen in the meantime? I have no idea. Maybe folks will forget me, my connections will shrivel, my presence will evaporate ...... or not.

My friend and colleague Jeffrey Tan (Pathfinder /  Leadership Mastery Facilitator / Coach) had this to say to me: "In this day and age, it takes great courage and control to stay away from the devices and platforms, but break away we must or remain enslaved by them we will. Take your Rs and see you again... Auf wiedersehen.” 

Practical Tip 

Whatever it is you are contemplating step out, step off, step to it! “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” [Amelia Earhart]

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