Our Mission

Beauty & the Beast Publishing is an international multi-award-winning book publishing and media services online company.

"Beauty and the Beast. This is not a myth, perhaps, that evokes the most complimentary connotations. Especially not when your new colleague contacts you and proposes it as the name of your business (the assumption being, you are the beast and she the beauty). This was the conundrum faced by Andrew when he and Shara established their company Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Strangely however, he loved the name. You may ask, why? Why would a name so contrary, so suggestive of beastliness as well as beauty, be suitable for a new business. I propose that the assumed dichotomy between ‘beauty’ and ‘beast’ may not be as binary as it seems; I suggest that the opposite values we ascribe to each word are constructions; in this light ‘beauty and the beast’ is actually a perfect depiction of the publishing industry."  Emily Warner

Our company specialises in publishing aspiring writers from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them a voice and opportunity as social beings. It is expected to motivate aspiring author’s creativity through independent published works, using their writings as a general formula to demonstrate various aspects within society. Together, it is our moral duty to equate social justice.

Additionally, we are staunch advocates of Calibrated Directional Reconstitution through our non-profit organisation The Shift, by raising awareness through advocacy and literary publications.

If you are interested in fulfilling your ambitions as an independent author and joining the Snazzy Drafts Writing Academy or you are an established author / creative professional, join us in our Facebook group the Enchanting Authors Writing Community.

We look forward to seeing you there!