Thoughts on Thursday: How Is it Possible to Be Saved by Our Errors?


Our wrong turns and dead ends teach us who we are not meant to be; how can I help you discover your origin story? 


As I virtually retrace my Camino pilgrimage steps, I’ve been reflecting on my origin story with all its wrong turns. It’s natural to believe that only our wise and successful choices should shape our origin story. I’m here to tell you that sometimes, in the grand scheme of Life, our errors are the very things that save us. As Clarice Lispector beautifully put it, we won't find salvation until we cherish our mistakes. [“Out of a whole lifetime, by God, sometimes the only thing that saves a person is error, and I know that we shall not be saved so long as our error is not precious to us.” ~ Clarice Lispector, from the story “Mineirinho”]

Embracing our wrong turns, dead ends, and missteps is essential because they serve as invaluable teachers. Through these errors, we discover who we aren't meant to be and what paths aren't meant for us. In our mistakes we discover our unique and powerful origin story 

Practical Tip 

When asked how to uncover your powerful origin story and where to begin, I say: "Start as if everything will fall into place by simply taking the first step." And you know what? It does. What’s your project? How can I help? 

Thoughts on Thursday: How Is it Possible to Be Saved by Our Errors? written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: Visuals on Unsplash

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