Thoughts on Thursday: Feeling Bogged Down in Sticky Black Treacle Syrup? What Happens Next?


Feeling yourself or project bogged down in sticky black syrup; I have a tip to help you get unstuck. 


Maybe like me you know molasses but not it’s British cousin treacle. Think thick, dark, viscous, sticky syrup. Good for treating snakebites and industrial food use. 

Maybe there have been days when you’ve felt like you’re slogging through black treacle syrup to get to the other side; but can’t quite make it. Maybe progress on your project seems impossible. Or, you can’t work out the next step, figure out a course of action no matter how hard you try. What happens next?   

It could be as simple as recognizing that you’re at an impasse. This feeling is a red flag saying your state of mind has shifted, you will not do your best work by muscling through. It’s a good time to stand down, take a break, focus on something else, or invite help.   


How long will it take to restore your sense of clarity? It depends. What matters is that you’ve noticed something’s hindering your forward progress. That’s your wisdom speaking!   

Practical Tip 

Consider a reframe of your current situation to help restore a determined state of mind. Consider your options based on prior experiences. When has something like this happened to you before? How did you overcome it? What lesson learned then can apply to now? Take your time sorting it out. You will prevail. Black treacle syrup is just...syrup.

Meanwhile, where are you stuck? How can I help? 

Thoughts on Thursday: Feeling Bogged Down in Sticky Black Treacle Syrup? What Happens Next? written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: OpTix on Unsplash.

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