Story Prompt Friday: Are You Daring Enough to Claim Your Brand/Origin Story?


Claiming your brand/origin story says, "I want to know who I am!" so I'm seen, heard, understood, & listened to. 


Claiming your brand/origin story is not for sissies. Claiming your brand/origin story begins with an archeological dig - on yourself. What’s that? An archeological dig is an excavation! Excavation exposes, processes and records archaeological remains. Those remains are the clues to your life, how you live, what you value, your experiences, hardships and  achievements. It’s not an easy project; not everyone gets to do this. But for those who say “I want to know who I am!”, there are treasures untold to be found. 


I invite you to leave behind the habitual parroting of boring story lines to delve deep into emotions, sensory images, and experiences with compassion, insight and humor. When we consciously engage with our story we practice genuine communication with ourselves. When we learn how to genuinely communicate with ourselves, we can use these same tools to share our message, values, and truth so we are seen, heard, understood, and listened to.  

Story Prompt 

What’s your excavation project? Write that story!  

Story Prompt Friday: Are You Daring Enough to Claim Your Brand/Origin Story? written by Diane F. Wyzga in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo: Russ McCabe on Unsplash.  

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