Victorian Legacy

Walking along the top of a former Victorian railway bridge, resplendent with a number of high arches, is an example of the awesome architectural prowess of the 19th century.

Memories of a steam train chuffing, curling clouds of steam and noise of wheels on tracks really take me back to my younger days when steam trains were the norm.

A river flowing beneath the bridge and views of pastures enhance the experience; together creating a magical scene.

The former railway line follows onto seemingly infinite tree-lined pathway, ultimately opening the heart to spectres galore.

Releasing a little imagination and fantasy, a feeling of floating around this seemingly never ending, track, now a much loved pathway, elevates me to a level of peace and tranquillity; more often than not illusive, but on this walk a oneness with Nature is rewarded.

A combination of Victorian technological expertise and purity of Nature provide a truly awesome experience.

Victorian Legacy written by Simon Lever in association with Beauty and the Beast Publishing. Images courtesy of Image Library and Simon Lever 

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