Leaving Winter behind, Late Spring gently closes curtains upon a far away landscape, hiding distant views to be replaced by intimate vistas of myriad coloured leaves and blossom, transforming the countryside into another dimension.

The year flies by where trees void of leaves once again dress themselves in supreme glory.

Winchester is blessed with rivers, hills and Water Meadows literally a few minutes walk from the city centre.

With Springtime gathering apace (in fact closer to summertime) nearby Saint Giles' Hill becomes a masterpiece of artistic prowess.

Varieties of trees celebrate Nature's harmony; leaves presenting many colours green; vivid blossom caressing heart.

The Itchen; a rare chalk-based river. (Poet Keats riverside walk) creates reflections of shimmering sunlight.

Swans majestically grace the surface, their regal gravitas and instinctive tranquillity enhancing the peace and serenity of awesome splendour.

The atmosphere is tangible. A symphony of birdsong, a light breeze sending leaves dancing.

Once again, my thoughts and inspiration are generated by closing eyes, freeing senses, flying with the birds.

Empathetic resonance with Mother Nature.

NATURE'S GLORY - LATE SPRING - EARLY SUMMER written by Simon Lever in association with Beauty and the Beast Publishing. Photo courtesy of Simon Lever 

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