Most people have never heard of Queen Emma or even taught about this amazing monarch at school; including myself.

Queen Emma (984 - 1052) was the daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy. Hence she was a Norman at birth. She was Great Aunt of William the Conqueror.

Queen Emma stayed in Winchester for much of her life where she gathered enormous wealth. She passed away in a manor in an area around God Begot in the High Street.

At the Kings and Scribes Exhibition, there is much information about her reign.

She is the only Queen to have a mortuary chest in Winchester Cathedral. There is an also statue of her located on the Great Screen.

Queen Emma is the only queen to have been queen twice. First of all Ethelred the Unready and when he passed away, married King Canute. The Danish/Nordic connection. Indeed, at one point during her reign she was Queen of Denmark, Norway and England.

There is much information to be found on for example, Google. Simply key in 'Queen Emma'. Detailed descriptions of her life and influence and that of King Edward the Confessor. Considering almost nobody has heard of her, the amount of information is incredible.

King Edward the Confessor ( a well-known monarch) was highly active in many areas of the kingdom and had considerable influence.

As a wedding present, Ethelred the Unready gave her Exeter and Winchester which included the Manor surrounding what today is God Begot.

Although she naturally did not live in the half-timbered Tudor building, the surrounding manor is significant as her Winchester base.

This classic Tudor building is now an Italian restaurant (ASK). Complete with original ancient wooden beams. Although not her home, the fact it is located in the immediate area is significant. On visiting ASK, the staff are much aware of its location.

The ASK Italian Restaurant is a short distance up the High Street. Turn left from the Buttercross and just a few metres up on the right side. It has quite an atmosphere and some visitors feel there is 'presence'; receiving vibes.

There are number of half-timbered buildings in Winchester Including Winchester Cathedral's Inner Close, the small area around the Butter Cross Chesil Street and Jewry Street. All within a short walk.

As a former capital of England, Winchester possess much significance.

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QUEEN EMMA written by Simon Lever in association with Beauty and the Beast Publishing Artwork by Bianca Lever, aged three and four months.

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