Encounter with Love

Noël Coward's 1945 movie 'Brief Encounter' staring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, with screen play by Nöel Coward and accompanied with Sergei
Rachmaninov's Concerto No 2 is an all-time classic.

To say it is my favourite movie is putting it mildly. How many times have I been absorbed by this awesome, drama of a love story I know not.

I very recently watched it again.

From start to finish, mesmerised by depth of feelings, emotion, heartfelt, spontaneous romance.

Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2 undulates and caresses every scene, transporting to another level of love, floating amongst realism portrayed by Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard.

The expression of the actors are totally 'in character', projecting pure emotion, facial expressions so dramatic; happiness joy and sadness.

Powerful exchanges of dialogue, movements in tune with reality of the moment take you on a road of twists and turns, with one overpowering message of true, dramatic love.

Such emotion is infectious, following every step of the way.

Their spoken English is a true delight. I just love it!

This awesome movie is so powerfully emotional, transporting the viewer into a different dimension, floating through the Rachmaninov's undulating music.

Brief Encounter literally makes the heart beat faster and emotions become as one with love and drama.

Should this description possess any synergy, watch the movie and pass on your thoughts.

Love's ups and downs. A encounter with pure love portrayed in a drama.

Encounter with Love written by Simon Lever in association with Beauty and the Beast Publishing. Photo courtesy of Brief Encounter graphic artist.

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