Mother nature

Sometimes a vacant feeling, as if detached from all that can be enjoyed, visits the psyche. 

Vacuum of the heart. Emptiness, lacking feelings both projected and absorbed. But a vacuum can transform into positivity, ultimately attracting feelings that may have remained dormant over decades. 

Mother Nature is a key to liberation of senses. A key to serenity, excitement, joy, and happiness. 

Heart-felt, truly vibrant feelings that can also be described as a warm welcome when liberated. And this is where Nature unfolds and displays her beauty. For Nature is all. Totally encompassing every aspect of existence; life itself. 

Strolling alongside a riverside or lake, surrounded by woodland and hills, looking up at the sky, cloudy or pure blue, attracts and embraces a supreme level of consciousness, uplifting an observer to become closer to Nature eternal. 

An avenue of trees. But not just trees but projecting sincere feelings of togetherness. Beneath the ground their roots communicate. A scientific fact. 

Walking through such an avenue of majestic trees, imagination unfolds, witnessing branches reaching out gracing each other. 

Image: Simon Lever

Looking down to the base of tree trunks, look closely at green moss. Let the senses wander. The moss becomes a forest in its own right. Looking ever closer, another world emerges, observing different shades of pure green, as if indeed a miniature forest. Even closer and moss really does resemble a miniature forest. When the mind is free, it projects reality. 

Surreal is Nature when gracing the heart through limitless horizons. The Universe. Life's journey. 

Nature is all about a person's perception. Absorbed into a whole being.

Divine influence, the Universe, uniqueness of every individual. Some people recognise such natural beauty, being at one with Springtime; re-birth of Nature and beyond.

Mother Nature can envelope a person, a caress of purity and enlightenment.

And so ends this story of imagination and freedom of heart. But is only the beginning of life itself.

Image: Simon Lever

Mother nature article written by Simon Lever in collaboration with Beauty & the Beast Publishing, Images: Simon Lever.

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