A Robin's story of sadness and happiness

Sitting on a branch of a tree was a little robin. He was so sad. His face looking down at the ground, a tiny tear dropping below with his feelings. So unhappy. 

Can you imagine how he felt? Lost in a very big wood and nobody to talk to? Just then a blackbird noticed Robin and sensed he was everso sad, and flew to join him on the branch. 

"What is the matter Robin? You look everso sad?" They chatted for a little while and got to know each other. "I really don't know what to do", said Robin, as another little tear ran down his cheek. 

Robin lifted his head, looked at Blackbird and replied, "I am lost and can't find my way home."

"I can fly with you to find where your nest is" said Blackbird. Little Robin's heart lifted in hope. "Fly next to me so we're together" said Blackbird and they both flew gently; not fast but slow enough to find Robin's nest.

Blackbird had an idea where the nest was. He was very clever at that. After a few minutes, Blackbird asked , is that your nest?" "Yes" said Robin noticing his home and felt so happy! 

They both flew down and were greeted by Robin's Mom a Dad, his sisters and brothers. Everyone so happy that Robin was home. 

Robin told them how Blackbird had helped him and said, "here is my friend Blackbird." Everyone was so happy. And thanked Blackbird so much. 

"You must come again for a chat and something to eat," said Robin's Mom. "I would love to", said Blackbird.

So wonderful. It is strange how a sad time can become an even happier time and new friends made. Blackbird visited very often and enjoyed their company. And they all lived happily ever after. 

A Robin's story of sadness and happiness written by Simon Lever in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photos courtesy of Simon Lever.

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