Lost Connection

Ever since I can remember I have had this unsatiable desire to write. It comes from a deep place within that pulls me to pick up pen and paper. The writing is not something that I think about, rather the creative juices have a life of their own.

When in the flow of this connection, I am in another world. One in which everything else goes away, and time stands still. Those moments of silence I can hear loud and clear what wants to be revealed from the void space bringing me images, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

There is a sensation unlike anything else when not writing which transports me to a place of peace, calm, and knowing. The wisdom of this unseen guidance is like a hand reaching out touching my shoulder relaxing me into a trance like state. There is a presence of such magnitude that I can only surrender to the pull and write. Would not feel right to do anything else. 

I love to be in this place of pure connection, not trying, not thinking, just allowing. It seems so natural, as if meant to be. A calling to be answered. A treasure to keep in the palm of my hand so as not to lose it. 

At times, life gets in the way. 

The mind is a powerful tool and when it takes over, it can create a lost connection to this amazing place of magic. For a writer, to lose this connection is like losing a piece of oneself. One of the worst things that can happen when writing is a passion. 

Why does this connection get lost?

I would suspect the tug up into the head has overpowered the guidance into the heart. Life presents itself in ways that can create stress, worry, uncertainty, division of the mind/heart connection, and situations where our voice (this invisible voice) is not valued (both in our internal world and the external world). 

Writing is the voice of something greater than us, something more powerful and enlightening. As humans we are influenced by the physical nature of things and many times it interferes with our natural state of being. “To be me” is not an easy task in today’s world with so much upheaval and distance created at both the macro and micro levels. 

This has a direct impact on how well we stay grounded and centered in our own personal world. I like to say, “be in the world, but not of it.” As a writer, it is important if not necessary for me to stay connected to the source that brings me the energy and light to write. Without this connection I can feel lost and confused, almost like I have been abandoned. 

How do I get this connection back if lost? 

If you are asking yourself this question, my answer is to consider the following insights and suggestions. 

Ask yourself if you are in your head or heart most often.

 What is bothering you these days? Are you stressed or worried about something? 

Do you have the Monkey Mind, always chatting away, distracting you? 

Are you more focused on what you don’t want vs. what you do want? 

Actions steps you can take to get your connection back:

Mindfulness Meditation – find a few minutes every day to sit in silence, clear your head and be mindful of where your energy is. If it is outside of you, pull it back in and bring it into your heart. This is a practice to reset your mind and body so it can receive again. Over time the connection will open and become strong again, perhaps stronger than ever. 

Turn off all social media, TV, phone and go stand barefoot in the grass, take a walk in nature, go to the beach, lean against a tree. This will be grounding and bring you back to center. (The electromagnetic field of all the electronics and the noise of the media/TV is negative energy and very bad for our nervous system).

Wait for the writer’s nudge to come to you. Envision yourself connected and writing as if it is already happening. What does it feel like when in the flow….sit in this feeling every day. What does it mean to you to be able to write through the connection….practice the gratitude attitude for having this connection. Remind yourself to be open to receiving and then in time the magic will happen again. 

Writer’s block is about our state of being and where we are disconnected in our own heart. There is always a way back to our sacred space where nothing else matters but the whisper of the wind that carries the essence of what is wanting to be expressed through the vessel of our heart and hand.

Lost Connection article written by Eileen Bild, Otel Universe in partnership with Beauty & the Beast Publishing.

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