Most if not all writers I am guessing have a time during the day, evening, or the wee hours that they are in total flow. It seems a faucet opens, and the water (ideas, thoughts, creativity) is unstoppable. 

There is a palatable sense of something bigger than the self at work. The best writing happens during this time. There is no trying or forced thinking, rather there is an openness to receiving without judgement. 

There are stories, layers of stories within stories, mixed with history and the changes of time. Whether the writing is a novel, autobiography, fiction, or non-fiction.

 In my over 40+ years of writing, which began as a pre-teen, I seem to have this natural sense of capturing the words in the airwaves. Etched in my memory is a specific incident in middle school when we were given an assignment to write a story. I wish I could remember the specifics, but I can recall the feeling that what I wrote was meant to be. I can even envision myself sitting at my desk in the stark grey classroom holding the paper wondering what was so special about this story (according to my teacher.)

 I did not understand the significance of what I was experiencing and as I look back in my mind’s eye and go through the visual movie of that time, I can sense a combination of feeling at home yet confused. 

Over the years the nudge to write has become stronger and stronger. The older I have become the more intense the urge and usually it is around 3am in the morning. I know a lot of you reading this will be nodding your head, chuckling in agreement, or saying to yourself – YES, that’s me! 

If there is one thing I have learned, it is to not stress over the fact that I don’t feel like writing when I think I should be. I believe, there is an underlying current as part of the unseen guiding us. When the timing is right for reasons unknown, the nudge, push, drive to write will present itself. 

Invariably, something or someone will support what was just created through the art of writing and we must honor this process. 

If there is a block, perhaps stop “thinking” about it and trust the process that is happening beyond the consciousness. Another part of the equation is the human aspect that can get in the way.

Is there doubt, worry, uncertainty or fear going in circles in your head? STOP!! 

Everything, and I mean everything, works best when in “the flow.” You can only be in this flow when you have an untethered connection to the obstacles. This keeps the doorway open for the information to be received.

If you could think back to the first powerful experience you had when writing, what was that like? How did you feel? What was the outcome? 

For me, I distinctly remember my teacher showing surprise at the depth and impact my writing had in the story I wrote. It was just me writing. But for her, it was a masterpiece. 

If you want to write, allow the creation of what wants to be seen and heard to come through you. Even if only one person sees it, but there is opportunity for the masses to read it, you will be in cooperation with the universal energies that is a part of everything we do. There is a reason you have a desire to write, don’t question it, embrace it. 

If you are already writing and have hit a block. Its okay to take a time out, reset yourself and then wait for the nudge. 

If you are on a roll and writing to your hearts content, congratulations!! Enjoy the ride. 

No matter where you are in the cycle of a writer, the artist within will always be with you.

The Writing Hour written article by Eileen Bild/Otel Universe in partnership with Beauty & the Beast Publishing.

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