Sweating, yet cold, fear, but still breathing Terror smears his face, yet he smiles Not a shadow of doubt` of death, but hopeful of life, What keeps him breathing?

Unsteady feet, in anguish, heart in shambles, Provoked, irked, and tortured, lowered head, Flat and out, out of breath, panting, Yet she moves, can see the strength in her eyes,

Indelible scars from yesterday’s torture, still there, what a broken race, stripped of any dignity left, Lashes of whips, chained mind, wounded spirit, Naked in the rain, still hoping, still breathing.

In a maze, in a labyrinth and in pain, Repatriation, recovery, reinstatement is a start, Towards healing and soothing of the wound, In the meantime, chin up, stand tall and keep breathing.

Breathing article written by Vura Julius-Orage in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing for Writer's Block. 

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