26 Sep

May 20th, 2022 unintentionally marked a significant day for the world. Irrespective of where you were in the world, the day in question became synonymous with the day a then-serving police officer publicly murdered George Floyd, Derek Chauvin. I don’t think there is a person alive who witnessed the tragedy as it was featured worldwide by broadcasters and in the homes of most who will be able to recall where they were or what they were doing during the exact moment of the incident.


For me and most of my community we remained in shock by the events that ensued and found it difficult to etch the incident from our memories. The murder itself conjured an array of unprecedented feelings and emotions. Within five months, it was the second most significant shock I had endured at that time, having just returned from living in the outback of Australia, as rural as can be for the previous four years. After being away for so long, arriving at Heathrow Airport at midnight on January 1st, 2020, brought into the start of the COVID pandemic, was beginning to feel surreal.  


I was starting to feel relatively powerless. Very little support was offered in my direction, and as the head of my household, I felt my independence was sliding away, my voice irrelevant, and my freedom denied. The lockdown we all experienced began to remind me of the Cold War effort of 1947 that occurred way before my time. Especially when the stores started handing out rations of produce to its constituents lining up in queues like paupers, who had been deemed unable to fend for themselves, and freedom of choice removed from the menu. Until the imposed imprisonment enforced upon us, many lived unconsciously and without a care.


I knew that deep down within me, I would utilize this period as an opportunity to create a unique legacy that I could leave as an investment for my first grandchild, who would be born that Summer. I would provide them with the best quality of life possible, a life that far exceeds my own. I had yet to learn how or what my next move would be, but I knew it would be an enterprise that would become one-of-a-kind. Owing to his callous passing, George Floyd was cited as the catalyst behind many new business ventures, non-profit organizations, new writers, speakers, ambassadors, and advocates. You name it, the list is endless, and one of the most heinous crimes imaginable was responsible. However, there were also downsides. People became a lot warier of being amongst groups outside of their own, and we saw the re-emergence of some operating from a place of fear with the reintroduction of Jim Crow laws rather than what was required was love, reassurance, and trust. 

Positivity Appears

However, what we saw in its mass in a way we had never seen globally during my existence was an outpouring of global unity against this deplorable crime. The people spoke and displayed their power in unprecedented numbers through universal protesting. These demonstrations may be the most significant of our time. In all honesty, unless protests happen on an unprecedented scale, the outcomes will likely be insignificant, as the intentions often quickly supersede and become distant memories that gained nothing.

New Connections and Thought

Thankfully, there was a minor upside to my confusion due to the lockdown conditions. Social media usage and Zoom meetings soared and became a residency of normalcy where people were keen to forge virtual relationships, owing to the risks of this prevalent disease that showed symptoms reminiscent of the Plague, as the number of deaths continued to rise daily. During the height of the pandemic, I met my business partner, Andrew M. Foster. Surprisingly, he held a calming disposition, and we shared many of the same sentiments regarding the lockdown, COVID-19, and the George Floyd murder. But most of all, we felt we had a duty of purpose to act and show our solidarity somehow. I had been looking for a purpose for my writing for some time. I was desperate to write and publish books that would stand the test of time in making a difference to those reading them,  but I had no idea how to go about this change of direction. On the other hand, Andrew had no issue with purposeful writing but required the proper outlet to become published. 

Entrepreneurial Journey

It is the premise of why we started our company. We specialize in publishing authors atypical from the writing industry and underrepresented communities. We strongly believe in amplifying the voices of communities with authentic stories to share. Fortunately, We have published hundreds of book titles internationally for those communities, and it doesn’t stop there. We advise our clients on maximizing their publications and transforming them into long-lasting legacies and business opportunities to provide for their families and communities. We also offer lifetime access to our services, networks, associates, and platforms. We also embed those who show aptitude for work opportunities within the company.

Contribute Upfront to Earn Recognition After

Most importantly, recognition by several organizations as part of our collaborative efforts catapulted Beauty & the Beast Publishing into an online, international, multi-award-winning company. While we are incredibly proud of our achievements, we have chosen to extend our efforts in giving back to those communities we serve by forming a non-profit, The Global Shift, where we advocate for change in reducing poverty, improving health conditions, providing educational opportunities, reducing recidivism and creating sustainable housing within those ecosystems.The long-term vision is to increase our efforts within the non-profit sector. We intend to create self-sufficient global communities where we determine our community infrastructures that solely benefit the communities we serve. Our underlying belief is that we all must become the best versions of ourselves and create a legacy that makes the world a better place for the younger generations by providing a positive environment and examples to draw from in avoiding the pitfalls of life. It must be the primary underlying focus within disenfranchised communities. 

In Conclusion: Moving From Darkness Into Light

To ensure your legacy, you will need to assess and review your contributions to the universe frequently and ask yourself How are you showing up?

Moving from Darkness into Light written by S. Lewis-Campbell in collaboration with smoothsale.net Image: John Hain on Pixabay.  For More Insights, visit Elinor’s Amazon Author Page.

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