25 Aug

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.         ~Buddah

The four words that form this onerous question can be viewed as probably the most contentious, yet it is possibly the only question concealed in the most convoluted intricacy in terms of its resolve; conflicting in our expectations concerning climate change and tragic world events, as well as intrigue in our quest for understanding the meaning of life.  Not to mention a whole host of differing opinions assigned to any individual past or present who dared undertake the mammoth task of providing a concise conclusion.At some point, every social being on the planet myself included, will be required to formulate an actual response, either through personal discourse or by way of general occupation, as we become more knowledgeable regarding some of the world’s greatest historical scholars who endured the turmoil of imparting some rhetoric, and for those who have done so, all have displayed one common attribute⸺ successfully falling short of providing a definitive and conclusive answer.

So how far have we come in being able to conclude such a significant viewpoint?

The verdict requires a clear and unequivocal understanding of human experience, and the evolution of humanity throughout the 300,000 plus years our species predates. With that being said, the answer lies in the conscious stream of human behaviours, responsible for organically nurturing our sense of awareness, and purpose. Until we are able to transcend our subconscious into a condition of abundance and gratitude moreover materialistic ego, is the exact moment we define a lifetime of self-discovery, in acknowledging the human form as the ultimate creation to exist within the universe. 

Written in association with 360 Nation Biz Catalyst and Dennis Pitocco  Image Credits by Dennis Pitocco

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