What is essentially required for our existence?

Do we exist? How do we exist?

We acknowledge our existence with our Integrity. --- An inward acknowledgement with ourselves.

Integrity is the proof of our existence. Integrity is beyond a virtue, beyond a value. Without Integrity, we don’t exist. In Integrity, we trust, respect & are committed to ourselves. Without Integrity, we are in splits. In Integrity, we are authentic. In Integrity, we not only understand and accept ourselves, we help the world around to understand us better as we are consistent in being aligned in our thoughts, words & actions.

So now we exist with our Integrity.

Do we acknowledge others? How do others exist?

We acknowledge the existence of others with our Gratitude. --- An outward acknowledgement with others.

Gratitude does not necessarily mean we feel good for what others do to us. Gratitude simply means, we just feel good for their existence itself. We feel good as the world around us exists, we feel good as humanity exists and we feel great to have a beautiful bigger space for our existence. Gratitude can be practiced just with a feeling that others do exist around us that makes our living better.

So now we exist & the world around exists.

Do we exist in each other’s world? How does that happen?

We invite others or the world around into our space through our Generosity. --- An outward expression with others.

Generosity welcomes others. Generosity is being open & kind, one’s accommodativeness and acceptance of others. Only through Generosity, others come to our world. Without Generosity, we are in isolation. Through Generosity, we not only welcome others to our space, but we also invoke a feeling of Gratitude in others for our existence.

So now we exist & others exist. We also exist in each other’s world.

What next? How do we engage?

It’s our Compassion that we hold for each other that engages & nurtures us to live in peace & harmony. --- An engaging & nurturing atmosphere for self & others to flourish.

Compassion is beyond Sympathy (understand other) & Empathy (understand and feel for other) where we understand, feel & also act for others. In compassion, we create an amicable atmosphere for our energies to flow in abundance. Compassion is the highest form of understanding, highest form of engagement. In Compassion, we experience oneness & transcendence.

We experience existence through Integrity, essence through compassion. We know our potential through Integrity, purpose through compassion. We earn with Integrity, spend with compassion.

So, the elements Integrity, Gratitude, Generosity, and Compassion make us human. These elements encompass all other virtues like Trust, Respect, Kindness, Empathy, Sympathy, Love, Forgiveness and many more.

With these fundamental elements, we push humanity to its next in humanity for evolution, growth & greater good. In Isolation, we are nothing but closed systems to turn into chaos & disorder (as Thermodynamics 2nd law states), we cease to exist.

What is essentially required for our existence? written by Visweswaran Balasubramanian in association with Beauty & the Beast Publishing. Photo:  Visweswaran Balasubramanian.

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