Mr. Mallow

Every day is precious

Time being of the essence

Seventy-seven years.

Leaves away from home

Herbs of self-preservation

Wholly necessary

Keeping a flower away from his family

Is naughty by nature

Blooming  months, absolute torture

What’s the purpose for the delay?

A peddles best years serves purpose

Relapse stems charged herewith

Convicted by household soilSolitary fluorescence, a life from view

More challenging for Mrs. Mallow, totally lost without you

Offspring’s miss the cookouts

The yellow pollen, bee’s entrepreneurial sell-outs

Seventy-years a symbol of life that can’t be denied

No  cracks, still a young flower

Time to go home and recoup during this precious time

Life is too short, as we go up in age

Everyday matters and life is no more than privileged

My ode to you in this life therein

Written by Beauty & the Beast Publishing

 Written by Beauty & the Beast Publishing 

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