"Some people have a terrible time turning 50.  I like to think of it in terms of condition. There’s new, used, vintage, antique, and ancient.  I’ve reached the point of vintage and I’m ok with that.  Vintage is endearing.  It’s charming and usually has a lovely patina.  It’s worn but soft and still quite useful.  And in my opinion, extremely attractive.  One nice thing about vintage, it doesn’t have to “prove” itself anymore.  It is what it is.  It’s respected for its age and withstood the test of time.  And so have I." ~Pam Kellog

It’s the only real fear I possess,

The process is a daunting growth of measure.The fear I mention is not regarding my personal expiration.

For every year I grow older, a senior I’ve grown habit to depend on.

The old era I inadvertently force out of the equation.

As a child, the view of my parents leaving me alone in the world torments me still.

My dearest Stepfather lies alone in a state of quietness,

His reward for serving God and working tirelessly at tender 70.

My only surviving grandparent is well aware of my calls,

only to establish her epochal run, post 90.


The breadth of lives,

Most dearest,



Decade anatomy,

Eyes fleeing,

Helpless hearing.

Forecasting aging aura I had not envisioned.

The option to delay aesthetic maturity’s career,

Surprisingly makes me more open to growing old gracefully.

Thankfully, it’s not eternal despondency.

Time permits the opportunity to transition from hip to savvy,

In preparation for the misfortunes we will undoubtedly survive,

Giving timeless debt to gratify new relatives I have succumbed.

You have conceded me the serenity to continue this inspiring excursion.

Meeting my closest companion 10 years my past,

The one I donate most of my energy to–still young.

The 360° Nation community embraces us sincerely

Bringing Humanity Together, reached out and made us part of the family

Spiela accepted our partnership on our terms unequivocally

Georgia State University endorsed our second publication for course curricular

Walk With You Productions walks with us in collaborative investment.

To my coming 50th,

Let’s revisit life at 60!

50/50 A poem written by S.Lewis-Campbell in partnership with 360°Nation BizCatalyst

Written by Shara Lewis-Campbell in Partnership with 360°Nation BizCatalyst and Dennis Pitocco.

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