24 Sep

Ubuntu (n.) I am because we the belief in a universal; bond of sharing that connects all humanity. 

The mind is an existential part of the natural chaotic density of the macrocosm; which the Creator of all things embeds immaterial power of free-will and collective interest to the human soul. Besides the obvious of desiring great fortune, humankind has always accomplished great feats beyond the means of original understanding.

In many societies, courage is downsized to a level of incompetence. This is not to say the human mind does not have the ability to transcend to higher levels of greater understanding of self, but gives leeway to tailor the sub conscious to comprehend immorality. Indeed, the level of awareness that attaches to the rigid arch of morals shapes human character to perform things for the common good of existing. Moreover, we commission to cherish our bodies for the sole purpose to exist. 

The physical and celestial plane exalts our place of belonging giving us the natural right to live within the spheres of reality and imagination. 

We are born which gives reason to exist. We live without artificial guidance that imitates natural goodness. We forgive to maintain relationships, and invest in absolving absence of interconnections of hope and aspirations, without inconvenient discomfort. It is disturbing to be ambitious to gain success without assistance. Seeking self-prominence repress to single-minded wanton irrespective to receiving aid from a collective standpoint, restricts compassion. Expressing emotional gratitude to all things that exist is a greater achievement to heal humanity without being hyper-superficial.

Empathic efficacy fulfills a power within ourselves that a gives hope to a greater good. Humanity’s dual nature of body and soul divinely connects to our shared interest to live in harmonious union. It is our civil duty to engage and thrive for a better world no matter the demographic or religious background. What matters is our subsistence civic participation of universal balance.

Written by Andrew M. Foster in association with 360 Nation Biz Catalyst.

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