01 Mar

Avalley isolates shadows. If only we had the courage to walk in the depths of the unknown for further exploration.Our society must try to look beyond personal utopias. Human values when shared with the belief to craft our wisdom and knowledge beyond the Tower of Babel are opposite to traditional standards. This warps the common principles of idealists.Personally, I believe society is living in the abstract: idealistic understanding without tangible action of what is expressed. The ex parte viewpoint is a danger towards our free will to shift to new heights of knowledge and understanding as a people, to bring into subjection societal conquests of fiat.To enjoy domination in an abstract sense is social exile from creativity. Human value is the core foundation to live. Our consciousness creates a set of values that pertain to the world around us, thus shaping our own world on an individual basis.A measure of self-value has its place but in time (if not checked) self-concave to egotism. However communal discourse and empathy fill the cavity, where shared values and freedom from vague ideas without substance paddings the emotional fabric.Creative expression cultivates the abstract. Imagine a world full of creatives. Imagine a world beyond nontraditional boundaries: an atmosphere that envelopes the universe with unlimited space for creative expression. The human condition is a shared responsibility, an outline to perfect flaws. As a collective, sharing our individual worlds is the synergy to our creativity— without fear.

The mind is not a tectonic hedge or divider. Separating ideas from their original aspect is contrary to the Pangea of collective creativity.

Committing ourselves to shared values is outside the norm. It is fear of the unknown that causes us to accept the deluge of the abstract. When we decide to flee from this upheaval by accepting collective consciousness as an animated gift, as innovators we can counter societal standards—in the abstract. 


BEYOND THE MARGINS OF EDEN written by ANDREW FOSTER & SHARA LEWIS-CAMPBELL in Global Syndication with 360Nation BizCatalyst/Dennis Pitocco
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