All my life I have expressed through writing. When I think back to my elementary and middle school years, assignments that required a story were exciting for me. I am naturally a writer. 

Life is a series of conversations, where we can share and collaborate our experiences. 

There is no right or wrong, rather a dialog that occurs through the emotions and feelings attached to our memories of life events. To be seen, heard, and understood is the backbone of our individual confidence and feeling we belong in this world.

What better way to achieve this than through writing? 

We can show up authentically as we are in mind, body and spirit. Only we know our truths, deep down in our core. By exploring them in the art form of writing, we can evolve our own being that is unique to us.

Many are afraid to share for fear of rejection, thoughts of ‘who cares?’, ‘why is MY story important and worthy of telling?’, I am not a writer, and so many more objections. 

The reality is you are “writing” your stories every day through your thinking and actions. Only it is expressed in real-time and captured in the deep recesses of the subconscious. 

The action of putting thoughts on paper, brings it to another level of expression. 

Others can join you on your journey, feeling what you feel, seeing what you see and walking with you as if they are there. Many will also identify with what you have been through and/or are going through and this creates an unseen bond. 

We are all in this life experience together, feeling a connection to others who have been there too, gives validation to the emotions attached. Let your story be heard, it will make a difference and perhaps inspire someone somewhere in the world.

We All Have A Story by Eileen Bild in parternship with Beauty & the Beast Publishing

We All Have A Story article written by Eileen Bild, Otel Universe in partnership with Beauty & the Beast Publishing.

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