Former educator and author, S. J. Holton is an English scholar in charge of our editing, formatting, typesetting, and quality standards.

With the ever emerging introduction of AI, Beauty & the Beast Publishing recognises the importance of being able to compete within an increasingly competitive market. Our revolutionary AI model is specifically designed for content creation with the ability to identify the following trends: - • application of style trends • attribute data sources • automated proofreading • detecting human edits • formatting and typesetting requirements • gaps within existing content creation • grammar and spelling • identifying market trends • performance feedback and analysis • published content. 

It is important to note, whilst AI is considered a valuable resource for book editing, it is not to be used as a substitute for human professional expert editing. Our Chief Editor S. J. Holton provides additional services including traditional editing, proofreading, typesetting and book formatting methods to ensure your manuscripts have been thoroughly inspected to the standards expected prior to publication. 

Manuscripts are published only with S. J. Holton's explicit personal seal of approval.