Snazzy Drafts Writing Academy

Below we have listed some of the services you will receive: - 

  • Introductory session
  • Twelve 30 minute weekly "Jot Down" coaching sessions
  • 1x completed manuscript of up to 150 pages
  • 1x eBook and 1x paperback editions
  • Full editing and proofreading service 
  • x1 simple book illustration design
  • Marketing and promotions structure and guidance
  • Independent publishing service

You will be assigned to a dedicated member of our team with their full support, including coaches, editors, ghost writers, illustrators, marketing experts and publishers.  

• An opportunity to have excerpts from your Book showcased as a Featured Contributor on the multi award-winning OTEL Universe and BizCatalyst 360° via our special publishing alliance.

We look forward to seeing your creativity come to life!

Go to this link: Snazzy Drafts Writing Academy ( 

Select your preferred course dates and register, upon completed a dedicated member of our team will contact you to confirm course details.

Course Facilitator: S. Lewis-Campbell
Co-founder Beauty & the Beast Publishing
Multi Award-Winning Published Author & Publisher