Stories of Delusion, Expectation, and Redemption Kindle Edition


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Have you ever seen one of those suitcases - or guitar cases - or auto bumpers - covered with labels?
Each of us is just like that: gender, race, origin, age, friendliness, coordination, body type, eye color, disability, comfort with interaction, and the list goes on. These labels sometimes blur, sometimes blink, sometimes glare. They may serve to our gain or to our exclusion. They provide shortcuts and illusion, connection and distance.
Gender Crap is our attempt to address this quandary by looking at the complexity of gender labels from as many different viewpoints as possible. We are not political, not self-righteous, nor attempting to change any ideas. We simply want to shine a birth light on ourselves and converse (literally, "turn together").
You may want to talk about this. You may not. If this is not a cause of discomfort for you, or if it is a cause of great discomfort, we gain by exploring this together, no blame, no shame, no judgment or harm. I'm not, and you're not, right or wrong here. Let's simply be curious and courageous. We are, after all, on this ride together.