Discarded Seasons is best described as a reflection through poetry. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, isolation became a regular part of daily life. Discarded Seasons is one man’s journey of insight—an attempt to grapple with feelings of depression, longing, and hope during seasons where the isolation of each day was felt keenly. As J. Michael Palmer writes in the foreword: “Holton’s collection of poetry shows how we can try to bridge the chasms between the heart and the mind with words—how we can try to make sense of ethereal emotions weaving their way in and out of the unfeeling physical space we inhabit. When viewed through this lens, there is something for everyone in these pages because, unlike the ability to express ourselves poetically, our joy and pain are universal.” Discarded Seasons is divided into four movements, each preceded by a haiku which sets the theme for each section. Through the sharing of poetry, there is a ripple of understanding that we are never truly alone. Let these poems resonate as more than a low voice sounding out in the wilderness; let them echo throughout the empty halls that we may navigate this world together.