Our lives are on the edge of living a well-mechanized routine system to keep up the life run. As a result, most of us are found reminiscing those younger olden days frequently. Have you all respected one’s ever not tried to retrieve childhood memories of fun, pastime tricks, and free spirit as kids…? My experience to state innocent ones as a company does not restrict to one particular phase of life called childhood, there is more to justify my writing share to connect imaginary realm. 

Fortunately, my younger days had some flavor and healthy colorful moments of pure childlike living. Our stay in the gated community with a multistory building allowed me and my friends in childhood to spend time with our playful and naughty experiences to flourish. I remember being part of a group of different ages having an evening ritual of playtime permitted by our parents was an exciting joy. Unpretentious minds don’t seek younger or elder cadre in any matter of bonding process. Kids are ready to break new ground without any judgmental reflections in general. No matter, the twists, and turns of life moved me wheresoever, utilizing those golden opportunities to join the kids is my attempt till now. Whether people around seek the same understanding or not, still take those privileges to join and cleanse my aura for an energetic and rejuvenating inner kid. 

Children open-heartedly embrace us without any conditional tones when we interact and connect. If you manage to blend well into their imaginative world, they celebrate sincerely and affectionately as friends to share and care in every situation. They are free souls in nature. Of course, agree that every child is different in creation to elucidate their behavioral patterns or capacity. Some kids have challenged and bewildered me to cast a light on their little reflexes. When I was one among them as a kid, my participation in the activity was merely to enjoy. In India, many believe children have a divinely mystic side to celebrate their presence. On auspicious occasions, children play a vital role due to religious convictions in many different ways. The Lord Shri Krishna in his childhood strongly radiated divine aspects and the purpose of his incarnation in Hindu mythology. Elucidating the religious practices is directly relevant to spiritual scriptures that contain the childlike radiance of every creation and its soul on the beautiful planet. 

Every stage of cultural participation and performing art learning had made my perspective of infusing many creative and imaginary ideas radiated by my fellow young participants.  Later, my idea of my role started to gradually shape me to guide and head them to solve trivial differences and confrontations in the activity as an elder player. Moreover, the people responsible to bring my coordinating and leading capabilities to shape were teachers, friends, and parents of those participants. Unconsciously, those kids taught me to develop the listening, coordinating, and problem-solving skills in me. My impulsive, fear-driven, and anxious decision-making weaknesses faded out after interacting with children to confidently represent myself. I understood those aspects were management and organizational features in my management studies that my younger friends programmed into me in my adolescence phase. Unknowingly advancing their valuable lessons, and references into my adulthood assisted me to captivate many social skills like patience, tolerance, and well-mannered sensibilities.   

Kids communicate their emotions with uniqueness to sense. Mostly those expressions are fair and unbiased to be straight. In my observations, they are like plain paper that often makes us perceive the true form of purity and sincerity to speak.  Certainly, they are not conscious of any human limitations or divisions made possible for adults in any society. The former and the Republic of India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was fond of children and saw a future in them. He was addressed as Chacha Nehru by children. ‘Chacha’ means uncle in the Hindi language. A rightly guided path with a rational side can balance the younger demographics to innovative and harmonious bliss in the world. 

Living in any possible moment in their company will refresh us to imbibe innocence, honesty, and the funny side of our inner kid to live.  Often this brings health benefits and mental factuality to vouchsafe the qualities of mankind available in nature. Real bonding and true friendship and persuasive themes of children that unshackle all sorts of burdens to live our authentic existence as a whole is an endearing idea.    

Now and then connecting with children would bring assured renewal of spirit to live life joyously. Get the ball rolling to include the innocent ones to cherish the kid’s wonderland in your busy living my special friends…!!!

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