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Welcome to the new affiliate Writer's section "Writer's Block" would you be interested in showcasing your Article's/Blogs on our website to raise your profile and writing services?


"Writer's Block" is an open platform for creatives who wish to express themselves through writing.

All featured articles should incorporate themes based on the writing process, creativity and any related subjects.   Articles will be showcased and promoted across all our social media networks, inclusive of additional networking opportunities.  

All the articles will be featured in an upcoming book publication for Charity, at Christmas 2023.

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Writer's Block Writing Contest - Theme: Halloween, Whispers, Shadows, and Writing 

We are holding another Halloween themed writing contest during October, 2023 for fun. Please refer to the contest details below.


Welcome to the realm of terror and the unknown, where shadows dance, nightmares breathe, and your writing bleeds. Brace yourself as we delve into the depths of fear, peeling back the layers of our writing life to uncover the chilling mysteries that lay beneath the surface. This challenge is not for the faint of heart, for within these words lies a journey into the haunting corners of the human psyche, where the supernatural whispers: write, create, write, create. 

Week 1: The Haunting Silence 

In week 1, explore the ominous silence that lingers in your mind, echoing the stories of the forgotten pieces of writing you left abandoned. Think of how your pieces of writing feel: desolate and residing in slush pile asylums left to decay.  Discover the eerie tranquillity that conceals your writing terrors waiting to be unearthed. 

Week 2: Faces in the Mirror Mirrors

The portals to our own reflections, can become gateways to a realm beyond our comprehension. Explore the unsettling encounters with your author doppelgänger (We all have one. Paul Auster is mine). Did your doppelganger influence, possess and make you a better writer? If so, how? 

Week 3: The Curse of the Forgotten Writer 

Dive into the unnerving world of cursed drafts, where innocent words transform into conduits of all kind of grammarless evil. Follow the harrowing tales of cursed drafts. Possess your pen or computer, and the curse of the vengeful spirits haunting those unfinished drafts. 

Week 4: The Dark Woods Beckon 

Venture into the enigmatic depths of the dark woods. And like the dark woods nature embraces and conceals malevolence. Uncover new ways to write descriptively without being clichéd. Be vengeful. Be cryptic. Let the eerie phenomena of better descriptions a breeding ground for unspeakable writing. Put abstract to rest.

Example: Blog: FRIDAY THE 13TH: PEN TO KNIFE, KNIFE TO PEN, BY ANDREW M. FOSTER (beautyandthebeastpublishing.net) 

Please submit your entries to: us@beautyandthebeastpublishing.net 

All articles received will be featured in an upcoming book publication for Charity, at Christmas 2023. Thank you.

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