Introduction to Creative Writing course

My dynamic writing experience began as a review writer for many different books and publications.  Review writing directed me to read different forms of writing. I have reviewed some books titled “Prostitute of State” by Kate Kinnear, “The Genesis One Code” by Daniel Friedmann, Roadmap to the ‘End of the Days” by Daniel Friedmann, “The Lyin Kings” by I.S.Petteice, “The Broken Gift” by Daniel Friedmann, “The Planck Factor” by Debbi Mack, “Skyscrapers” by Jill Wilson Brennan, etc are some to mention. Apart from publications, I have contributed to many online platforms as a reviewer. My acquaintance with authors like I.S.Pettiece and Daniel Friedmann was quite a motivational, dynamic, and inspiring journey to expand my writing knowledge. Besides, infusing regular nourishment of the mind through reading, it also brought a sensitive side to understand and analyze the different themes, genres, and narrations in writing. Moreover, it guided me to improve my writing skills and explore other territories in my writing career. The enriching experience in my writing career also exposed me to opportunities like webinar discussion sessions, writers’ forums, publications, article writing, content creation, and the blogging community. As a result, acquainted with many international writing forums as a  Featured Contributor at BIZCATALYST 360° and 360° NATION and Contributor at Beauty & the Beast Publishing.

Course information

Course dates: September 16, 2023 - November 30th, 2023 12pm (Noon) BST.

Course detail: Three sessions in total, consisting of one session per month. 

Course duration: 60 minutes, per session.

NB: All services are offered on a lifetime basis, meaning you will have ongoing access to your tutor and services as part of a collaborative effort between Creative Elegance and Beauty & the Beast Publishing.

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