Easy Tech for Writers Course

Meet Your Instructor: Sue Wilhite, Ms Tech Coach

Sue spent over 25 years in the Silicon Valley during its early years, working her way up from computer operator to IT Manager. Much of her career involved explaining and teaching technology to other employees, from colleagues to executive levels, as well as peers at other companies. After leaving high tech, she had a varied career, including buying and operating an independent bookshop, where she learned the ins and outs of the publishing business. She is an International #1 best-selling author of several books including the recent Tech Tips for the Tech-Timid and is an award-winning podcast host. She currently coaches entrepreneurs on how to use technology effectively in their business.

Why Choose Easy Tech for Writers?

  • It's for Writers

    Tailored for writers, so we focus on what's relevant to your craft. We'll give you only the useful tech, not a bunch of junk!

  • Short and Sweet

    90-minute segments, so it's not overwhelming. Plus, class size is limited to give more attention to each attendee.

  • Interactive Sessions

    If you've ever been frustrated with trying to learn from online videos, now's your chance to get your questions answered live!

  • Fully Responsive

    Hands-on learning: Experience the tools firsthand in a supportive environment, with expert guidance. 

  • Are you ready to
    Ditch the Clutter,
    & Wasted Time?

  • Are you struggling with manual edits? Frustrated with lost notes, or disordered flow? Tired of writing out your work, then getting it into digital format for publication?

    Discover how easy and beneficial technology can be for your writing. Streamline your writing and discover your TRUE creative potential!

    January 24, 2024

    9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern

    Module 1

    Learn about essential writing software, note-taking apps, and collaboration tools. 

    Perfect for those just starting their tech journey!

    January 31, 2024

    9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern

    Module 2

    Dive deeper with dictation software, editing tools, and an introduction to self-publishing. This module makes complex technology simple and approachable.

    February 4, 2024

    9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern

    Partially open laptop with glowing rainbow colors onscreen

    Module 3

    Explore the exciting world of AI in writing. See how tools like ChatGPT and Bard can be powerful assistants in your writing process.

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