In the field nature alternates

Its assembly to adapt to moods that breed various birds

Each bird unversed and childlike are adorned with elevated understanding

To coexist to the eulogize dwelling

Trees are deities, sanctuaries respected and grown from the fields

Unlimited access to field assistance nourishes

Impartial to bird-like diversity

Every bird congregates in the fields as a duty to patronize

Saturated mire, where worms gather for organised impregnation

Unsterile to nature’s fraction; born into dismay

Still, bird’s feast together, sing praises to the fields soggy character

It helps them adapt to potential climate change 

Birds In The Fields written by Andrew M. Foster in Partnership & Global Syndication with BizCatalyst360°Nation and Dennis Pitocco

Written by Andrew M. Foster a/k/a Declaration in Partnership & Global Syndication with BizCatalyst360°Nation and Dennis Pitocco.

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