How long are we expected to wait?
Whilst we raise your babies
Whilst you figure out there’s no future in the hustle
Whilst you continue to collapse the framework

The many expectations you anticipate
Where is the reward?
What can we expect?
Are we burned-out from lack of absence?
Of holding down lies, duplicity, misuse, & torture?

Is this what we have learned to expect?
The absence of solidarity which divides us
Caused by limitations
In declining to look inwards
Expected to pick up the pieces

We simply no longer wish to raise your babies
We wish to create inheritance for our communities
The oblivions of the black man will forever hold us back
The parameters of expectations have been excessively set
The consistent absence of support too great
Occupied by the distractions
Bears the cost of mistakes

What will it take for you to realise?
Assumptions start with you
The head of the black family,
You have completely confounded

We need our husband, fathers, and sons
Out of the streets, back into the homes
Pioneers, and leaders of society
Our communities desperately need

Return home to where you belong
Create the expectations you wish to see
Set principles for others to follow
Love those who genuinely support
Be the success you’ve always envisioned

Together, we have the capacity to make life beneficial
A future to anticipate, a daily existence to cherish
Its time for your long-awaited intercession
In abundant measures of measure 

EXPECTATIONS  by SHARA LEWIS-CAMPBELL in association with BizCatalyst360°Nation.

EXPECTATIONS by SHARA LEWIS-CAMPBELL in partnership with BizCatalyst360°Nation

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